What it Means to Me to Be a Leader in Diversity–Rory Early ’17

“Being a diversity leader is more than just collecting diversity information and letting everyone see know what I’ve learned. To me, being a diversity leader is about respecting everyone for who they are as a person and making sure that everyone is respected, not in light of their diverse attributes, but with those factors being celebrated.

I feel I have a responsibility to educate myself, the other leaders as well as the students on diversity issues.  Through training sessions and leadership workshops, I’ve been able to hone my skills as a leader and an educator in diversity related topics. I think I enjoy being a diversity leader so much because it gives me a chance to make a difference on campus and in the minds of my peers. The experience of being a diversity leader has helped me get a better understanding of how society treats its members and how we, as individuals, should treat others in society.”

–Rory Early, Cabrini ’17, ACID Leader, and Office of Student Diversity Initiatives Office Assistant